Thank you for visiting our website, MereResidency.com, a forum for resident physicians about life beyond residency.  If you are a physician-in-training, this website is for you.  We have created this website to better prepare you for the real world that lies beyond residency – the Big Leagues, if you will. We as physicians spend a lot of time training to become good doctors. Many nights of lost sleep, countless number of exams, and a lot of bad hospital food have only been a small part of the price we’ve paid for the privilege of taking care of patients, but some of us are woefully prepared for the real world that lies beyond residency.  Not only is this impractical, but it’s anxiety-inducing.  We want this site to be empowering and anxiety-busting so that you can free yourselves to focus on the patient care that you have spent so much time training to provide.

Contributors to the site include physicians in private practice and academia, as well as physicians-in-training like yourselves.  Anyone who wants to share his/her knowledge and experience about the real world can post on the site. We are excited to see how talented physicians with different backgrounds will develop their ideas in this open-source forum for the benefit of resident physicians. We encourage you to post comments and questions, as well as articles of your own.  The more we can share our knowledge and experience, the more powerful the website becomes.  

We want this site to be empowering and anxiety-busting so that you can free yourselves to focus on the patient care that you have spent so much time training to provide.

Currently, the topics of discussion – via blog format – have been on a whole range of subjects including logistics of private practice (anesthesiology, so far), different types of insurances, and investing.  In addition, a physician who just finished a fellowship training in regional anesthesia has posted some wonderful video posts on various regional block techniques geared towards those about to finish anesthesia residency and go out into the real world.  In the future, we hope to have some posts about career development from various physicians in different specialties. All good stuff, we think.

The site is by no means finished; it’s an amalgamation of inchoate ideas from different people. Even though we are uncertain about the exact direction of the website, we want to draw in physicians from different stages of their careers and share various thoughts and ideas about how to be excellent real world physicians.  We hope to shape the site with your help.

So far, we’ve tried to share our own knowledge and experiences as accurately as possible in the articles below.  If we’re missing anything or you would like to hear more details, feel free to leave a comment, and we will add a new article or comment to cover it.

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Anesthesiology Private Practice:

Do You Have to be “Slick” in Private Practice? 

Show Me the Money – How Do You Get Paid as a Private-Practice Anesthesiologist?

Billing and Documenting Procedures Out of the Operating Room

Brave New World – What Do You Look for in a Private Practice Anesthesia Group?

Those Who Can’t Do, Teach

Easing the Transition from Residency to Private Practice

Vinyl Records and the Future of Medicine

Kaiser Permanente: Cushy or Cumbersome?

Anesthesiology Academia:

Becoming an Attending – My Perspective


Disability Insurance – What, Why, and When?

Disability Insurance – What to Look For?

Disability Insurance – What Does It Mean for You as a Resident?

Life Insurance – How Much Do You Need as a Resident?

Life Insurance – What Kind Do You Buy?


Investing as a Resident – Should You Do It At All?

Roth vs Traditional 403(b) – Which One as a Resident?

Financial Security for Young Physicians; Part 1: The Big Picture

Financial Security for Young Physicians; Part 2: Lessons Learned

Regional Anesthesia – Concise, but High-Yield (for those of you about to go out into the real world):

Supraclavicular Block – a 6-Minute Video Review

Interscalene Block – a Brief Video Review with Some C6 Level Anatomy for Fun

Infraclavicular Block Review in 6 Minutes

Axillary Block Explained in Under 5 Mintes

Paravertebral Block Explained in 10 Minutes